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News Archive March to October 2004

October 26 2004
Revelator: Tool to extract Music, Dialogue and Sounds from Myst IV
Ron Hayter is the man of the hour! His tool he's calling Revelator lets you extract music, dialogue and sound effects from Myst IV in its original Ogg Vorbis format. It's a Java application and available for Mac OS X and Windows. Thank you, Ron!
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Interview with Cyan's Rand Miller and Chris Brandkamp
The Spokane Public Radio held an exclusive interview with Rand Miller and Chris Brandkamp on October 22. You can now listen to a stream or download a recording courtesy of kevin8020.
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October 12 2004
Myst IV Landmark Trailer now available
The Myst IV Trailer which is running the USA in the Landmark Theaters is now available for download. A lot of spoilers!
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Jack Wall Interview on XGR
XGR (X-Treme Gaming Radio) conducted an interview with composer Jack Wall on September 28. In the interview, Wall talks about is work on the Myst IV soundtrack, Peter Gabriel's involvement with the project and the upcoming score to Bioware's "Jade Empire". The show's in MP3 format and clocks in at approximately 18 minutes.
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September 30 2004
Myst IV Review from GameSpot with new Pictures and Movies
GameSpot is one of the first who reviews Myst IV and also offers dozens of new screenshots and four ingame movies. Plenty of spoilers!
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Myst IV Trailer on the Big Screen
Landmark Theatres in the USA will be hosting a 45 second Myst IV: Revelation Trailer on all of their 204 screens during October. The 45 second promotional trailer will play on all 204 screens in 57 theatres circuit-wide for 4 weeks, during the month of October. Let's hope the trailer will also soon be downloadable.
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Myst IV Soundtrack News
According to a thread in the Ubisoft forums the Myst IV soundtrack included in the Collector's Edition isn't on a seperate Audio CD. Nine MP3 files (running time around 30 minutes) are on the Making of disc. Katie wrote: "The Soundtrack is not yet ready for release. Rather than not include the soundtrack in the Collector's Edition at all, it was decided to gather a few tracks which represent the music and place it in the CE. [...] The Soundtrack will be available at a future date."
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September 27 2004
The Making of Myst IV: The Saga
In this previously unreleased and final part of the Making of Myst IV, we are taking a look behind the saga of the Myst games. It's a 45 MB download! | more |

Myst IV as BitTorrent-Download
On September 23 cruel pirates put Myst IV: Revelation via BitTorrent online. They removed all localization data to make the download smaller - it's still more than 6.5 GB. It's not unusual that games and movies appear online before their official release dates. But: Don't pirate!

Interview with Jack Wall
Game Zone Online talked with Jack Wall about his soundtrack for Myst IV, the Game Auto Network Guild and his future plans. | more |

Live Chat with Team Revelation
The Myst IV: Revelation team will be online on Tuesday 28 September. There will be two chats, one French and one English. The chat will take place at the Ubisoft Chat Room, in the #MystWorlds channel. French chat (8 AM PST, 11 AM EST, 17.00 CET) with Geneviève Lord, Olivier Léonardi, Gwenaël Heliou and Gilles Monteil. English chat (11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 20.00 CET) with Geneviève Lord, Mary DeMarle, Jack Wall, Olivier Léonardi, Gwenaël Heliou and Sébastien Yelle. | more |

No Myst IV Collector's Edition for Switzerland
Sad news for Myst fans in Switzerland. I've been told my Ubisoft Germany that there are no plans to release the Myst IV Collector's Edition in Switzerland. The cheapest way to get your hans on a CE anyway is to order it from | more |

September 23 2004
Peter Gabriel's Myst IV Contribution
In addition to collaborating with Myst IV's soundtrack composer Jack Wall, Peter Gabriel also lends his voice to the game. He did the voiceover for the gateway to Serenia. The song Peter Gabriel contributed for the Myst IV soundtrack is called "Curtains" and it isn't a new track. It's a B-Side track from one of his older albums. You can download a sample from "Curtains" here.
| more | Curtains sample |

Revelation Exhibit at the Dali Museum in London
From September 17 to 19, the Dali museum in London, showcased some of the artwork used in the development of the Myst series, with sketches and other elements used to construct the games. Several reports about the exhibit are now online.
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September 15 2004
The Making of Myst IV: The Music
I'm proud to present you another (bigger) look behind the scenes of Myst IV. This time Jack Wall and other people from the Revelation team talk about the sound and music of Myst IV. It's a 58.1 MB download!
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September 13 2004
Interactive Myst IV Desktop
Swiss Myst-Fan Rolf Eichenberger offers a great piece of software for Mac and PC: An interactive Myst IV desktop, that will it easier to wait till September 30. The Flash based interactive desktop features several Myst IV pictures to choose from.
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Final Myst IV System Requirements
Ubisoft mentions the final system requirements for Myst IV in their online store.
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Myst IV Report in German Fantasy-Magazine "Nautilus"
The new "Nautilus"-issue, a German adventure and fantasy magazine, features a 3 pages long article on Myst IV. The "Nautilus"-staff have prooved several times, that they are true Myst fans. Issue number 13 even had the whole Myst III: Exile soundtrack on its CD.
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September 10 2004
New Footage in German TV-Show "neues"
Back on August 21 die German TV channel 3sat had a report about the Game Convention in Leipzig in its show "neues" that features some never seen before Myst IV footage. Starts after 1 minute.
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September 8 2004
The Making of Myst IV: The Access Video
Some of you may already have seen this video at the official Myst IV website - but not that big. Take a look behind the scenes of Myst IV in the video entitled "Access". It's a 49.2 MB download!
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September 7 2004
Myst IV goes Gold
Myst IV's Creative Director Patrick Fortier posted the following to the Mystobsession webboards: "Gold". That means that Revelation is finished. Congratulations to the Revelation team!
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Myst IV Collector's Edition in Germany and even in Canada
As posted by the American and German websites, the Myst IV Collector's Edition will be available in limited numbers in Canada at BestBuy and in Germany at Karstadt.
| BestBuy | Karstadt |

August 20 2004
No big Demo
It was mentioned earlier that the larger E3 demo would be hosted on the official Myst IV site later in August. However, the demo is now posted and it's the same one as already seen at Gamespot, Macwelt, etc. There's the rumour going around that because this shorter demo is newer, it's improved over the longer one, and therefore the devs won't show us an older piece of technology.
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Myst Fan visits Revelation Team
AVID Myst fan Melissa "Tay" Goss had the chance to visit the Ubisoft offices in Montreal for two days meeting the Revelation team and exploring an almost finished version of Revelation.
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Myst IV Previews
GameRankings and IGN feature previews of Myst IV. The IGN preview even has two new screenshots to offer.
| GameRanking | IGN |

Myst IV Mugs available
The French Ubisoft store has Myst IV offers mugs. It's a collector's item limited to 200 pieces (for Europe). They're also quite expensive: 29.99 Euros plus shipping.
| more |

ESRB-Rating for Myst IV
The ESRB published its rating for Myst IV: "Teen (Mild Violence)". Thanks to Andy Bell for telling me about this.
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August 13 2004
Myst IV Collector's Edition Box Art
The French website released an image showing the Myst IV: Revelations Collector's Edition box. Stunning.
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August 10 2004
Revelation PC Demo released
Now all PC users also get the chance to take a first glimpse at Myst IV: Revelation. The PC demo is out. It is hybrid and 196 MB in size.
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GameSpot features new Myst IV Stuff
GameSpot offers some new Revelation material: A well written preview, some new screenshots and a video interview with a lot of new ingame footage.
| preview | video | pictures |

New Puzzle by Revelationist
A new puzzle appeared on the Ubisoft forums. And it seems like there will be something new every day.
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August 9 2004
Untìl Uru lets you return to Uru
Cyan's new software Untìl Uru lets you explore and chat with one another in Uru: Ages beyond Myst again. This seems like a glimpse of what Uru with its online part could have been.
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Something Else™ out by Christmas?
A recent article on Uru artist Stephan Martiniere, published by The, features this statement: "He just finished a sequel to "Uru" which should be out by Christmas." This could be Something Else™. We'll see.
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August 7 2004
Myst IV: Revelation Mac Demo
Here it is. The Myst IV Demo for Mac. You can either download it via HTTP, FTP or by using the BitTorrent system (which means that you are downloading only a reference file here that you have to open in your BitTorrent client in order to start the real download). Download size is approx. 142 MB.
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August 6 2004
Screenshots from the Mac Demo
Well, it's not the full demo (yet?) I can offer you, but some screenshots I took. Hope you enjoy them anyway.
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August 5 2004
Official Revelation Website in a new Look
Ubisoft updated their official Myst IV: Revelation website. It really came out gorgeous and offers a lot of interactivity.
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August 4 2004
Behind the Scenes Movie: Myst IV's ALIVE Engine
As a prize for solving Stan's and my puzzle we gave you this: An amazing look behind the scenes of Myst IV and it's ALIVE engine. It's a QuickTime movie with a running time of almost 4 minutes. Be aware: It's very spoilery.
| more |

August 3 2004
Revelation Demo in the new Issue of German Magazine Macwelt
The German Macintosh magazine Macwelt will feature the Myst IV: Revelation demo (mac version of course) on it's CD-ROM. The new issue will be out tomorrow, August 4.
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August 1 2004
Myst IV System Specifications
There's an update to the system specifications for Myst IV: Revelation.
PC: Pentium III 700 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 256 MB on XP, 32 MB video card, Nvidia Geforce 1, 2, 3, 4, FX, ATI 7000-9800, Matrox Parehlia, Intel i865G - intel i915G, DVD-Drive, Win 98, Win Me, Win 2000, Win XP.
Mac: G4 667 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 32 MB video card, Nvidia Geforce 2, 4, FX, ATI 7500-9600, DVD-Drive, OSX 10.2 (Jaguar) or better.
| more |

Myst IV Demo will come in two Versions
There will be a short demo (200 MB) and a long demo (600 MB). They are very close in content, but the 600 MB version contains a rather heavy additional cinematic and an extra node. | more |

Jack Wall finished Myst IV Soundtrack
As reported by Jack Wall the Myst IV soundtrack is finished. He counted the minutes of music he wrote: 104. | more |

July 21 2004
High-Res Screenshot of Tomahna
The people on the MystObsession forum are really very quick. They already revealed the high-res shot of Tomahna I was hiding.
| screenshot | puzzle |

Myst IV Soundtrack: More Infos from Jack Wall
Jack Wall posted some comments yesterday in the MystObsession forum. He revealed that Myst IV will feature over 80 minutes of music and that he was able to implement most of it by himself. That's not usual for a video game. So he's is directly responsible for how it sounds. | thread |

Myst IV: Revelation Collector's Edition
The French Ubisoft store offers an interesting item: Myst IV: Collector's Edition. Beside the game the package features the Soundtrack CD, the Making of and a deck of cards. | more |

Haven's Swamp in High-Res from Stan
Stan was back yesterday with an all new puzzle (slightly easier than the previous) that revealed the award-winning Haven's Swamp screenshot in an incredible huge size. | thread | screenshot (6.6 MB!) |

July 19 2004
EXCLUSIVE: Video-Interview with Yeesha actress Juliette Gosselin
The price for solving the puzzle I put online tonight was an video-interview with Yeesha actress Juliette Gosselin. The puzzle has been solved (bravo!), so here's the movie for everyone. Enjoy it. | download | puzzle |

Myst IV Main Theme and a huge Screenshot
Two more prizes from Stan: The Myst IV Main Theme and a huge version of a screenshot we have seen before. And we know the name of that age now: Serenia. | Main Theme | Screenshot |

July 18 2004
Haven Track from the Myst IV Soundtrack
There's another puzzle of Stan going on over at The prize for the second puzzle is a track from Myst IV from the Haven age performed by the Warsaw Village Band and composed by Jack Wall and recorded on June 8th 2004 in Warsaw. | download | thread |

July 16 2004
Solved. | puzzle | solution |

New Revelation Release Date
The German Ubisoft website mentions now September 23 2004 as the release date for Myst IV: Revelation. | more |

MYSTerium Revelation Secrets
During the past two days I posted several puzzles that led, solved correctly, to new Myst IV material. The folks over at MystObsession were very busy solving these puzzles - and they've done very well. SmileyMe even made an own website where he collected all the puzzles. The sum it up now I post all the hidden stuff here for direct access - if you like. 1st secret: | puzzle | solution | 2nd secret: | puzzle | solution | 3rd secret: | puzzle | solution | 4th secret: | puzzle | solution | 5th secret (was first hidden inside the id3 tag of 4th secret's price): | puzzle | solution | That's all - for now. | thread | SmileyMe |

July 13 2004
More on the Revelation Press Conference in Paris by Laloona
German Myst fan Laloona had the chance to attend the Revelation press conference in Paris last thursday. She posted a report on her website,, with a lot of new photos. It's in German! | more |

July 11 2004
Infos and Photos from Revelation Press Conference in Paris

Last thursday, July 8, Ubisoft held a press conference in Paris where they revealed more informations on Myst IV. The cast of the game: Atrus: Rand Miller (of course), Sirrus: Guy Sprung, Achenar: Brian Wrench and Yeesha: Juliette Gosselin. Juliette will also play in the movie "New France" with Gérard Depardieu. | more | pictures (scroll down) |

A lot of new Myst IV: Revelation Images
French online magazine posted a review of Myst IV: Revelation together with a whole lot of new images. Most of them are concept art but there are also new ingame screenshots and some new pictures of Yeesha. I reorganized the picture section. Many thanks to Patchallel. | more | review |

July 10 2004
Myst IV: Revelation Demo in 3-4 weeks

As announced by Ubisoft's Patrick Fortier a playable Myst IV: Revelation Demo is completed and will be released in 3-4 weeks. | thread |

The Path of the Shall is available
The second Uru expansion pack has hit the stores and is also available for download. You can also download the full game and purchase a licence key online that will unlock the game. | buy | download |

July 7 2004
Cyan Worlds working on Myst V

Cyan is officially working on their next project "Something Else™". And there are a lot of discussions going on what it could be. Cyanist Robert Emanuele wrote in his resume, that he was working on a game called Myst 5 (working title). If Cyan Worlds isn't working on more than one project at once this "Something Else™" has to be Myst V. | resume |

Revelation Boxshot Placeholders
In the past days two boxshot placeholders for Myst IV: Relatiopn have been found. On on the Italian Ubisoft site and the other on a Polish webstore. | Italian | Polish |

June 29 2004
Myst IV Demo Movie from WWDC

Yesterday at the WWDC (Apple World Wide Developer's Conference) Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced Ubisoft's Karen Conroe to the audience who presented an interactive demo of Myst IV. The whole keynote is available to watch with QuickTime streaming, however I'm sure you're mostly interested in the Myst part of it. I took those 3 minutes out. Download them exclusively here. Spoiler Alert! | download | Keynote |

June 28 2004
The Path of the Shell: New Launch Date and Download Possibility

From the Myst Worlds website: Cyan Worlds and Ubisoft announced today that the launch date of Uru: The Path of the Shell had been resheduled to earlier than expected. The new launch date will be July 7. In addition, in a first for both companies, the retail expansion will also be available via online purchase and download. | more |

Myst III: Exile Console Trailer
I've added the Myst III: Exile Console Trailer (PS2 and XBox) to the Exile video section. It's mainly just some footage from the game. The trailer is available in two sizes. | more |

June 19 2004
Trailer for Uru: The Complete Chronicles

Cyan Worlds released a very nice trailer for Uru: The Complete Chronicles on their Path of the Shell website.
| download | more |

New Release Date for The Path of the Shell
July 13th is the date you have to mark in your calendar. The old release date was July 17th, so we are getting The Path of the Shell four days earlier. | more |

June 14 2004
The Path of the Shell is Gold

The Path of the Shell has gone Gold. That's the version that Cyan Worlds is going to hand out to Ubisoft for reproducing. | more | more |

High-Res Shot of Tomahna have a bigger version of a Tomahna shot. We've seen it before, but not that huge! | more |

June 11 2004
Enhanced Revelation Teaser Trailer Music

Gas Station Stan, who released the
first screenshot of Myst IV, posted an enhanced version of the Revelation Teaser Trailer Music at MystObsession! | download | more |

June 10 2004
New Uru Website

Ubisofts launched its new Uru website that also features informations on the two expansion packs. It's looking great! | more |

Uru section updated
I've updated the Uru section with new videos (Uru TV Spot, Path of the Shell Trailer etc.) and pictures. | videos | pictures |

June 7 2004
Myst IV Soundtrack recording in Bratislava is complete

Jack Wall, who's currently traveling through Europe, has finished the recording for the Myst IV soundtrack in the Slovak Radio building. "The sessions went fantastic. The musicians were very nice and accommodating. After the first day, I literally thought I was going to have to scrap about 7 minutes of music, but sometime about 45 minutes before the end of the last session I realized it was ALL going to be done! Very cool." | more |

Uru: The Path of the Shell Footage
Gamespot posted a preview of the upcoming Uru expansion pack "The Path of the Shell" along with four movies showing ingame footage. Tom O'Leary (Patchallel) was kind enough and posted them on his site. Thank you, Tom. | more | Footage 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Patchallel |

June 1 2004
Myst Worlds Website in new Look

Ubisoft has updated their Myst World website and gave it a new look. | more |

Uru for Mac Update
As reported by Patchallel, Mark DeForest, Cyan's Chief Technical Officer, wrote an "update" to the Lyst mailinglist. Read on. | more | Patchallel |

May 27 2004
Will The Path of the Shell be the final Uru Expansion Pack?

In the recently posted press release for The Path of the Shell Ubisoft writes that The Path of the Shell will be the last Uru Expansion Pack. Rand Miller commented that on The Lyst. Read on. | more | press release |

New View of Tomahna
Tweek discovered on Greg Dean's Real Life Comics Website a picture taken at E3 that shows Tomahna from a new angel. | more |
May 26 2004
3 DVDs for Revelation

There were some rumours going around that Myst IV: Revelation shall be released on 3 DVDs! Kha'tie cleared things up: "Revelation will be sent out on 3 DVDs. Two for the game, and on the third there will be localization and bonus material." Bonus material - that sounds promising. :-)

Official Path of the Shell Website online
Cyan has put the official website for their Uru expansion pack "The Path of the Shell" and "Uru: Complete Chronicles" online. There will be a lot more material on the site very soon. Take a look! | more |

Revelation movies now in three sizes
I've added the Revelation teaser and E3 trailer in three sizes for you to choose. Dial-up-friendly. | more |

May 25 2004
Revelation System Specifications

The German Ubisoft website lists the PC system specifications for Myst IV: Revelation: Pentium III 700 MHz, 128 MB RAM, DVD ROM, 16 MB graphic card. No words on the Mac system requirements yet. | more |

Myst IV Main Theme featured in E3 Trailer
As I've been told by Jack Wall, the music in the E3 trailer of Myst IV is a mockup of Revelation's Main Theme which will soon be recorded in Europe. They are also discussing the possibility of a Soundtrack CD. Well, I do hope it's not just a possibility anymore. | Jack Wall's Journal |

Several Myst IV Previews
Several online magazines as well as two avid fans posted their preview of Myst IV: Revelation. Some lecture: | AdventureGamers | WarCry | GameSpy | Srikandi | CAGrayWolf |

May 20 2004
Revelation E3 Trailer now in QuickTime

The guys at were able to get a high resolution trailer of Revelation shown at the E3: "This version has been slightly tweaked so some scenes may look different. Also note that some footage is still test footage and some was specially made for the trailer." It's huge: 32.2 MB | more |

May 17 2004
E3 footage

AdricTW posted a selfmade E3 video on the Ubisoft forum that shows footage of Revelation in action. It's again a Windows Media file. Attention: Spoilers! Many thanks to AdricTW and Tom. | download | thread |

Some Game Features and a new Screenshot
The Myst IV: Revelation team revealed several features on the various message boards. | more | screenshot |

May 14 2004
One new and one updated Screenshot

I just recieved two new Revelation screenshots. The first is a bigger version of the Tomahna at night picture, the second shows the unknown age at the end of the E3 trailer. | Tomahna | Unknown age |

May 13 2004
Myst IV: Revelation E3 Trailer

As Dan'ni reported on, fans found the Myst IV: Revelation E3 trailer on the French Ubisoft forum. (It's a Windows Media file.) | download |

May 12 2004
First E3 preshow impressions

GameSpot and IGN have put their first impression of Myst IV: Revelation from the E3 preshow online. Heavy spoiler alert! | GameSpot | IGN |

Revelation: More Details and a new Screenshot
As reported, the US Ubisoft Store has a new Revelation screenshot and the game descrption that also featured on the Italien Ubisoft website. | more |

Myst Reader: All three Myst novels in one book also reported that the three Myst novels are going to be combined into one book. And it should be released right on time with Revelation in September. No word yet on a release in any other language than English. | more |

May 11 2004
Revelation Team's E3 Weblog

Ubisoft is going to present Myst IV: Revelation on his booth at the E3 Expo which is beeing held May 12 to 14 in Los Angeles. The Revelation team has set up a weblog where they will keep us up-to-date on what is going to happen at the E3. And I think we can expect quite some material (maybe even a new trailer). | more |

May 10 2004
Italian Ubisoft site with new Revelation Details and Screenshots discovered new informations regarding Revelation on Ubisoft's Italian website. Kisih was kind enough to translate the text. The website also featured two new screenshots. And it mentions September 20 as the release date. | more |

See it here first: Award winning "Haven's Swamp"-Screenshot
The quality of the graphics in Myst IV: Revelation has already enticed the industry: A screenshot entitled "Haven's Swamp" has just been awarded at the Into the Pixel @ E3 graphic competition. And you can see it here first along with another unreleased screenshot. | Haven's Swamp | more |

Myst IV: Revelation to be released on September 9 2004
Myst IV: Revelation will hit the shelves on September 9 2004 according to a release list from Ubisoft Germany. | more |

May 9 2004
More Revelation Screenshots and a Screensaver

Along with the new Myst IV: Revelation screenshort, GameSpot released a Revelation screensaver (unfortunately only for Windows) with even more images from Myst IV. You can download the screensaver here or/and take a look at the pictures from it. | download | more |

May 8 2004
New Revelation Screenshot

A new screenshot from Myst IV: Revelation has been released at GameSpot. It looks gorgeous.
| more |

May 2 2004
Parts of the Myst IV soundtrack will be recorded in Europe

Jack Wall is going on a trip to Europe to record parts of the Myst IV soundtrack: In Bratislava with their 76 piece orchestra and in Warsaw with the Warsaw Village Band.
| more |

More stuff
I've added some more stuff this weekend to MYSTerium: Fly by movies of Tomahna, J'nanin, Edanna, Voltaic and Amateria in the Exile video section. The Riven TV spot is now available in three sizes. And last but not least I've added a high res shot of the red and blue book from the Revelation teaser to the Revelation picture section.

April 27 2004
First informations on Revelation's system specification

The Myst IV: Revelation team revelead some details on the system specifications. 64 MB video cards will be supported. And for the mac users: It will only run under Mac OS X.
| more |

April 26 2004
Exile Chronicles: James White and Luke Romer are back
The Myst games have a very real effect on its players and the experience you make during playing can stick in your memory like the memories of real vacation. No one else have shown these experiences as real as James White and Luke Romer did. After we were allowed to accompany James and Luke on their journey to Riven, they've returned to Exile – this time with a camera. Their fantastic fotographic album is now online. Don't miss it.
| Exile Chronicles | Riven Chronicles |

April 14 2004
A place for Myst fonts
Another classic is back! Mike Bower's Myst fonts are very famous in the Myst community. If you're surfing to some fansites you have without any doubt seen some of his fonts in action. Wanna use it for your own project? Check out Mike's beautiful new site. | more |

April 12 2004
Welcome back!
Welcome to the new website. I bet you haven't thought to see an update on this site after reading the announcement last year that I'll freeze the website. Well, Ubisoft announced Myst IV: Revelation last week and that was reason enough to give this site a redesign. I hope you enjoy what you see. I'll keep you posted.

April 7 2004
Hi-Res Revelation Teaser
For a real Myst fan the tiny teaser at the official Myst IV: Revelation website was better than nothing, but here you get it in the best quality on the web. Now that's an eye candy! | more |

April 5 2004
Ubisoft announces Myst IV: Revelation
After the release of a concept art picture of Myst IV Ubisoft officially announced Myst IV: Revelation with an expected release date in late 2004. Mac user can be relieved: Myst IV will be released on a hybrid DVD, PC and Mac compatible. After Myst III: Exile, Jack Wall is back to compose his second Myst score, featuring a new song by Peter Gabriel. | more |

March 31 2004
Ubisoft announces 2nd URU Expansion Pack and "Myst Uru: Complete Chronicles"
The 2nd Uru expansion pack should be released on June 23rd and will be called "Myst Uru: The Path of the Shell." The price hasn't been mentioned yet. "Myst Uru: Complete Chronicles" is the title of a package that Ubisoft also wants to release. It will contain all three Uru titles: The original game plus the two expansion packs.

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Myst V: End of Ages Demo | Mac | PC |

Four samples from the End of Ages Soundtrack on Tim Larkin's Website
| more |

Laki Arena, Myst V Website Music
| download |

Download my Myst report I've done for school. Attention! It's German only | PDF |